Terms and Conditions for a Culture of Open Data

Matt Lavin, 12-27-2017

This post is response to Andrew Piper's recent "An Open Letter to the MLA" (12/21/2017), as well as a response to some of the reaction it generated on Twitter.

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Book Reviews as Data

Matt Lavin, 10-03-2017

What follows is the text I used for the basis of my talk at "Book History and Digital Humanities" in Wisconsin in Late September. There's fair amount here that I didn't read aloud (I cam with too much material).

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Computational Methods in Authorship Studies

Matt Lavin, 09-06-2017

What follows is a copy of my remarks from a talk at Duquesne University in February 2017. I wanted to share these now because I'm starting to think once again about the topic I discussed and I wanted to revisit past work before moving forward.

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Diagnosis: Neologophobia

Matt Lavin, 06-01-2017

With the spring semester over, I've been coming back to a project I haven't worked on in almost a year.

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The Alice Problem

Matt Lavin, 12-15-2016

Not very long ago, one of my colleagues hired a programmer for his institution's digital humanities initiative. In advertising the position, he designed a set of three challenges designed to test candidates for baseline competency with programming as it might apply to the humanities. All three of the tasks were of the same sort and, honestly, I can only remember one of them.

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About this Blog-like Thing

Matt Lavin, 09-01-2016

Since the late 1990s, the business world and academia alike have seen the rise of the data scientist as an icon of a changing information landscape. Though the term data science dates back to early 1960s, figure of the data scientist took on additional cache with the popularization of the World Wide Web and the data revolution that accompanied it.

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