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Thursday, November 10, 2016

Bibliography, Citations, and Works Cited in Zotero

Activity! (Work individually or in pairs to test competencies)

Activity! (Work as a team to integrate gamification principles)

Thursday, November 17, 2016 and Thursday, December 1, 2016

Tonight in class, we're going to begin the first half of a two-part activity. After last week's brainstorm session, I wanted to provide a way for us to engage more closely with the work of planning a lesson with critical making and team-based components. Since we've been using Zotero as a case study, I want us to stick with that but really push the envelop on integration of theory and practice. For this classwork project, we will work as a team and address the scenario below. The deliverable to this classwork assignment will be notes/brainstorming rather than a polished lesson plan. You may not cover every aspect of the prompt, but it will important to have a strong sense of what you have decided to address and what you have left unaddressed. You are encouraged to use class time tonight and during our next meeting to discuss ideas, take notes, explore and/or review some of the core skills listed below, and connect your ideas to our readings. We will break at the halfway mark (per usual) and wrap up our discussion by 8:40 so that we can talk about homework and other logistics.

Here's the scenario:

It's registration week and your team-taught course, "Programming for Humanists" isn't enrolling very well. You've been summoned before the program heads to argue for your course. If you fail to sway them, you're going to be reassigned as a grader for your arch Nemesis Zaphod Lecturely. In other words, the stakes are high and time is short. The program heads have asked you to come with teaching materials that demonstrate your approach to teaching code to students with no coding experience. They're skeptical but willing to be convinced that you deserve more time to find students.

You've decided to use materials from a unit that focuses on Zotero because they highlight your innovative approach to individual skills development, team-based learning, and critical making approaches. Heck, it even responds to critical conversations about universal design principles in an educational context.

Some Priors

Some Learning Goals

Some External Resources

Thursday, December 8, 2016

Final meeting, dinner at Matt's apartment, 728 N Sheridan Ave Apt 2, Pitssburgh PA 15206.