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Week 1, 9-1-16: We Won't Meet Often Enough to Lose This Week

Discussion of syllabus

Discussion of student backgrounds and goals for the semester

Job advertisements: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8.

Week 2, 9-8-16: Neoliberal Utopianism and the Technological Jeremiad
Due by start of class: Teaching Philosophy

Davidson, "Project Classroom Makeover," Now You See It

Stokes, "What Online Learning Can Teach Us about Higher Education," Reinventing Higher Education: The Promise of Innovation

Carr, "Is Google Making Us Stupid?"

Freeman, "This is Your Brain on Email," The Tyranny of Email

Week 4, 9-22-16: “Kids Nowadays”: Students, and Employees

Junco, "Pedagogy with the Net Generation"

Tapscott, Grown Up Digital (hard copy only, no link)

Week 5, 9-29-16: Online Education, Hybrid Pedagogy, and Blended Learning
Week 6, 10-6-16: Digital Literacies, Competencies, and Skills
Week 7, 10-13-16: Digital Humanities Pedagogy -- History and Archives

Wosh, Hajo and Katz, "Teaching Digital Skills in an Archives and Public History Curriculum," Digital Humanities Pedagogy

Johanson, Sullivan, Reiff et al. "Teaching Digital Humanities through Digital Cultural Mapping," Digital Humanities Pedagogy

Sternfeld, "Pedagogical Principles of Digital Historiography," Digital Humanities Pedagogy

Kuhn and Callahan, "Nomadic Archives: Remix and the Drift to Praxis," Digital Humanities Pedagogy

Week 8, 10-20-16: Digital Humanities Pedagogy -- Literature and Composition
Due by start of class: Skills Development Proposal
Week 9, 10-27-16: Digital Humanities Pedagogy -- Creative Writing and Multimedia

Clark and Hergenrader, Creative Writing in the Digital Age (hard copy only, no link)

Week 10, 11-3-16

NO CLASS: Matt Lavin will be out of town 11/2-11/4

MODEST SUGGESTION: This could be a great week to work on your 20 hours

Week 13, 11-24-16


Week 14, 12-1-16: Critical Making and Fablabs
Due by end of day Tuesday, 11-29-16: Lesson Plan Assignment
Week 14, 12-8-16: Farewells

Saklofske, Clements, and Cunningham, "They Have Come, Why Won’t We Build It? On the Digital Future of the Humanities," Digital Humanities Pedagogy

Spiro, "Opening up Digital Humanities Education, Digital Humanities Pedagogy

Exam Week,
Due by end of 12-15-16: Seminar Paper